Digital Editing & Conversions


  • Digital Editing
  • Video Still Captures
  • Video Conversions
  • Audio Conversions
  • Video Tape Repairs
  • Apple Macintosh Support
  • Final Cut Support and Preparation
  • iMovie Support and Preparation

Set up fee is the time spent digitizing your video footage for digital editing.  This process is done in real time, and is not charged as actual editing time.

Digital editing is billed per hour, we will prorate editing time at: 30 minutes.

Digital conversions are charged per finished minute (audio and video conversions are subject to 30 minute minimum).  We can convert to a variety of digital formats.  If there is a specific format you would like please let us know.  We normally convert to .wmv for PC users and .mov for Mac users both, are sized according to delivery method(web, email, disc, computer)

Still images can be captured from video footage and printed as photographs.  Where possible, each image is digitally improved for color, contrast, and density. Video resolution is very limited, so we recommend making prints no larger than 4×6.  For additional print options Jones Photo current pricing.

Mac customers can have our original transferred files copied to a hard drive for them to edit at home. You will be able to edit in Imovie or Final Cut Pro.  Additional fee for transferring to customer media.

Tape repair and re-casing can usually be done with little loss of tape.  At times, however, tapes that are damaged while playing or recording can be a bit more disastrous.  We try to retain as much of the tape as possible.  Digital tape formats cannot be spliced.

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