DVD Authoring

Load & Play
(For tape to DVD duplications only)
Auto play on insert
Auto chaptering
Holds up to six hours
Tape dividing menu page (additional fee)
(holds six tape titles per page)

Basic DVD
DVD Encoding
Main Menu
Play all button
6 chapter markers (reel, tape or time)
1X Pass Encoding
Additional Mastering discounted (if project goes over 2hr.)

Advanced DVD
All features from our Basic DVD plus
Scene selection button
Scene Selection (sub menu)
Six chapter markers per sub menu
2X Pass Encoding

All features from our Advanced DVD plus
Two additional sub menus(scene selection pages)
Twelve additional chapter buttons

Pro Film DVD
For our film transfer customer all reels will be given
a chapter button and as many scene selection sub
menus as needed (40 chapters or 1800ft max per disc)

Custom DVD
A completly customized DVD
Technician will call to discuss your project.
As simple or as complex as your needs dictate

Film, documentaries, educational or corporate projects

Transfer rates apply to all projects.  DVD menu’s come with a predesigned theme unless custom.  We strongly suggest a backup DVD of the original master.

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