Film Transfer

Supported Formats

  • 8mm film
  • Super 8mm film
  • 16mm film
  • 16mm sound(optical) film
  • 35mm slides & negatives
  • 110mm  slides & negatives
  • 120mm  slides & negatives
  • 4X5mm  slides & negatives

Black Butterfly can transfer your films to a wide variety of media, including VHS, DVD, flash drives and even stored to your hard drive.   The transfer rates apply in addition to media cost (DVD Authoring or blank tapes) and digital conversion.

There is a Format Change charge for each switch between formats within the same video.  For example: 8mm and 16mm are being transferred to one video.

Prints and slides are scanned digitally for best quality.  Your print or slide will show on the screen for 6 solid seconds.  These times may be extended or shortened at customer request.  For an additional fee we can save all scans of prints and slides on a CD.

This is highly recommended as a backup, and allows the customer  to access these files for printing, email and web posting.

To specify the order of your transfers, we recommend numbering reels with a bold felt-tip pen.  Number slides on their mounts, and prints on their backs with a non-smearing pen or post-it notes.

Titles are available on request.  Preparing a separate list for titles and/or other items is a good way to organize your video’s structure and tells us where you want things to be.  Be sure to spell all titles, etc. correctly, and write clearly. We will place one title at the beginning or end of the video with no charge.  To ensure accuracy, you can type your own titles on your computer and send them to us or e-mail them directly to . Be sure to include your name and order number on all correspondence.

Music added to your transfers will be faded in and out , in to the order you request,  Exact audio overlaying will be billed as digital editing.

Images on CD or memory cards (in. jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp or other image formats) can be transferred to a DVD Master.  They are placed in folders that act like scene selections. Each scene selection holds up to 99 images, and each DVD holds 12 scene selections, for a total of 1188 images.

Don’t know what’s on those film reels?  Don’t want to set up a projector to find out?  Request a “work tape/DVD.” The reels are transferred to digital tape using a visual numbering system.  You receive a VHS/DVD copy of that tape so you can view it and create an edit log.  This allows you to organize your reels chronologically, and decide what to keep and what to edit out.  Basic transfer, editing and authoring fees apply.  Since not all customer transfers will be the same we will contact the customers to gather information and design a personalized quote.

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