Providence Service Corporations

Tucson Night & Days Downtown

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CEAC-Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

UA-CEAC Beyond the Ordinary

UA-CEAC Short Course

UA-CEAC Lunar Greenhouse: Grows Food & Systems for the Stars & Earth’s Extremes (Aired on Martha Stewart Show 4/12/2011)

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ATHENA Awards 2011

Keri Lazarus Silvyn ATHENA Award Recipient 2011

CRIZMAC Art & Cultural Educational Materials Inc.

CRIZMAC Presents: Jaguars, Mermaids & More the Masks of Mexico

CRIZMAC Presents: Ollas!; The Pottery of Mata Ortiz-Intro

Crizmac Presents: Ollas!; The Pottery of Mata Ortiz-Excerpt

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MacManus Productions

“Born for This” by What’s Good

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Medipacs – No Pain for Companions – Mini-Infuser™ CRI for the Veterinary Market – 5-01-2014

Medipacs – Technology Origins – Mini-Infuser™ CRI – Updated – 5-01-2014

Synergo Arts

Synergo Arts – Ergonomic Weaving Bench – educational video for carpenters and backstrap weavers

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Tucson Jazz Society

Tucson Jazz Society’s New Years Eve Gala 2010 1:00 TV Spot

Tucson Jazz Society’s New Years Eve Gala :30 TV Spot

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Charlie’s Comic Books

Charlie’s Comic Web Add 1

Charlie’s Comic Web Add 2

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