Video Transfer

Supported Formats

  • VHS
  • S-VHS
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm Video
  • Hi-8mm Video
  • Digital 8mm Video
  • DV
  • 3/4 inch U-Matic *
  • 3/4 inch U-Matic SP *
  • Betacam *
  • Betacam SP *
  • Betamax II, III *
  • PAL *
  • SEACAM *
  • DVD **
  • Mini DVD **
  • HD Camcorders ***

Black Butterfly can transfer your videotapes to a current media formats such as DVD, digital tape, hard drives.

Prices for our a basic Load & Play DVD include a 2-hour duplication.  If your source material goes over 2 hours there will be an additional charge per hour. (6 hour maximum)

Load & Play DVD authoring does not offer the options of custom chapters or a main menu.  We offer an upgrade tape dividing menu for an additional charge.

Assembly fees apply when 2 tapes (or more) are duplicated to a single new format.  For example: Two-8mm source tapes go to one DVD.  The customer will be charged for the duplication plus the assemble fee.

Tape duplications to or from PAL/SEACAM formats are foreign duplications.  PAL and SEACAM are the tape standards set to different countries. European countries often use PAL.  Middle-eastern and South American countries often use SEACAM.  While the tapes appear similar, the recording speed is different.  To make these duplications a special VCR is needed.  Due to the wide variety of different types of PAL and SEACAM formats, some of these formats might not be able to be properly read by our equipment.  The tape may only record in black or white a steady picture may be impossible to maintain.  If this problem arises, we will contact the customer.

* Set up fees and availability may apply.

**DVD & Mini DVD discs need to be finalized by the customer before we are able to duplicate.

***Hard drive camcorders need to be submitted with AV cables and power supplies.

Discounts are available for large duplicate orders

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