Black Butterfly Productions
25 Years of Professional Film and Video

Black Butterfly Productions

25 Years of Film & Video

Fulfilling a commitment to quality work and honest prices since 1996

Black Butterfly Productions (BBP) was founded in 1996.  Located in Tucson, Arizona, BBP began as a post-production specialty studio. In more than two decades of operation, the company has expanded to incorporate a variety of offerings that cover the full production lifecycle.

We specialize in film and videotape transfers, DVD duplications, media conversions, DVD authoring, archiving, digital editing, repairs of media hardware devices, and video production.  If you have home movies you need transferring, videotape footage you need digitized, or any other audio/video needs, Black Butterfly is here to serve you.

BBP and its employees have assisted clients across the United States for more than 20 years, and have produced original productions for both private-sector clients (music videos, feature films, short films, and commercials) and public clients such as the Department of Homeland Security,  Federal Protective Service, U.S. National Park Service, Jones Photo Lab,  CRIZMAC Art and Cultural Education Materials, and more.


Services we Provide


BBP provides film, audio, and video transfers for clients looking to convert older analog formats to an archivable digital format. We transfer formats like VHS, MiniDV, Beta, UMATIC, 8mm, Super8, 16mm, vinyl records, and more. For additional information, please visit our Transfers page.


BBP provides repairs to equipment such as tape decks, VHS, UMATIC, and other media hardware. We also perform cleanings and mold removal on video tapes, film reels, and analog media. For digital material, we provide data-recovery services and ensure file integrity.

digital conversions

We assist clients in converting digital media or computer files from one platform to another - for example, Windows to Mac, proprietary video formats to consumer codecs, and extensions of our transfer services, such as capturing still frames or analog content to a digital medium.


Our engineers have years of experience on commercial and independent film production crews. In support of post-production efforts for private clients, we perform color balancing, audio adjustments, video rendering, and digital content management for projects large and small.

dvd & cd duplication

Our media duplication services are tailored to your project's needs, using professional-grade DVD-R & CD-R media. Custom printing is available. All in-house printing is done direct to your disc. Per request, we can also hold your master on file for future duplications.

video production

BBP provides video production services for clients seeking to create content large or small - including music videos, commercials, feature-and-short-film support, educational, and general cinematography or crew for hire services. Our work has been featured on local and national broadcasts.


Let's Work Together.

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Do you have home movies that need to be transferred? Older footage on videotape or reel-to-reel that need to be archived? Digital footage that needs to be edited, mastered, or published? For these or any other inquiries audio/video inquiries for media of any format, Black Butterfly is here to serve your needs.