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Media Integrity, Protection, and Reproduction.


Joseph Yearego founded Black Butterfly Productions in Tucson, AZ, in 1996. His enduring vision for the company is to serve as a reliable media clearinghouse that provides affordable offerings to individuals looking to safeguard, transfer, or otherwise archive their content. As the company’s president since 1996, Joseph has established Black Butterfly Productions as an organization to trust by developing friendly working relationships with all customers and meeting directly with clients to tailor BBP’s capabilities to each consumer’s individual needs.


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Our mission is to discover and provide media solutions to customers with all types of concerns - large and small. If you have a question, concern, or need regarding your films, tapes, reels, files, discs, or other media types, please reach out for a free consultation.

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Joseph Yearego

Joseph Yearego has worked in film and video production for more than two decades in a variety of roles spanning the full range of production. After graduating with a degree in film in 1996, Mr. Yearego founded Black Butterfly Productions in Tucson, AZ, which he expanded into a full-production studio by the early 2000s, and has run for more than 20 years. Joseph's work experience includes production of commercial offerings, educational videos, feature-film production support, and post-production editing and distribution on behalf of clients ranging from local businesses to the federal government, independent filmmakers, and organizations like CRIZMAC Art & Cultural Educational Materials, Inc., with whom Mr. Yearego received recognition at the New York Film Festival as a finalist and medal winner. Joseph is a well-regarded figure in the Southern Arizona film scene, where he has mentored and supported independent artists.

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senior consultant

Connor Patrick Griffin

Connor is a filmmaker and post-production specialist who collaborates to support Black Butterfly Productions both internally, and through his partner organization, the production house Dauphine Productions, LLC. 

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Senior consultant

Kris Powell

Kris Powell is a consultant with Black Butterfly Productions that assists in transfers, archival, and production.